The Story of a Bale

One of the many ways vintage can be found is though buying and sorting a clothing bale. A bale is made by compressing 100 to over 1000 lbs of graded clothing into a smaller unit for easy storage. These can be bought by the pound from a rag house...Mostly you end up finding junk that is then passed down the garment food chain as "rag" - but - the excitement comes when you find that hidden gem. A vintage piece that got lost in the shuffle and made it's way upstream!
Below pics show:
  • a rag house with thousands of bales all graded differently for every category you can think of
  • A baling machine
  • looking for gold....finding a clip on tie
  • And the final treasures! After thousands of scarves sorted in that one's what you end up keeping. This is why we love's rare, beautiful and a joy to find.
What did we actually find? Awesome score with a mint condition vintage Christian Dior scarf . Amazing color and artwork representing the fashion and trends of the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. And the iconic vintage scarves that everyone loves from Vera and Echo
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