Lets talk about deadstock...ominous as it sounds it actually is one of the most exciting things to find in the vintage world. We all love vintage for its worn characteristics and amazing quality but sometimes you stumble across a piece that was lost in the shuffle. Never to have lived its intended life as a favorite skirt or lucky pair of shoes, it has been forgotten stock in the abandoned warehouse outside of town or in the back of Great - Great Uncle Gary's closet - complete with tags. Finding deadstock is a moment of joy - an item in it's pure state, as it looked on the rack or shelf and a perfect time capsule of the past. Deadstock has it's own place of respect among the time worn creases of vintage Levi's and perfectly worn-in leather jackets. Deadstock is a piece of our past, pristine and preserved but without it's own personal history.

Deadstock Definition: Clothing or shoes that have never been worn and/or not sold to the public. Most often in its original packaging or having original merchandise hang tags.
AKA: NOS or "new old stock"

Check out this 1967 newspaper ad for Edward's. The stretch denim capris on the bottom left are the same as pictured below! Deadstock...we love you
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