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$ 18.00 USD

Gold Fill
Sterling Silver
Edge up your look with our super cool ear cuffs. These are a great way to accessorize your ears and also work great paired with your other earrings favs. Details Made with Love: This piece is made with high quality gold filled, rose gold filled or sterling silver fine metals. Each piece is handmade, assembled, and packaged by our team in California. * Hand formed * You get 1 ear cuff with this item * Size: 10 - 11 mm in diameter * We love placing our ear cuffs in the middle side part of your ear like in the photo. * Our ear cuffs and huggies work best when you don't pinch them shut or try to open them up. It should feel slightly uncomfortable to slide them on but once positioned they will remain in place. * If you do need to adjust them slightly, do so with caution so they retain their circular shape. * Style tip: our smaller ear huggies work great at the top of your ears [also shown in photo].