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Dad Grass Rose Rolled CBD

$ 15.00 USD

This is the love child of two groovy plants with far-out flowers. Hemp to soothe the body and tune the mind. Rose to open the heart and ground the soul. Our recipe for romance is quite simple, really. Just Dad Grass Hemp CBD flower, tenderly rolled up in smokable, organic rose petals. It’s easy on the eyes. Tasty on the lips. Perhaps a bit indulgent. And just like your loves, each one is totally unique. 

Roses Are Red, Ganja Is Green It’s Time To Light Up, Your Love Supreme!
  • One gram of premium Organic hemp flower
  • Hand-rolled in smokable, organic rose petals handpicked from a farm in the Andes Mountains
  • Packaged in a doob tube to keep things fresh
  • Presented in a special edition giftable card with space to express your handwritten affections